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The Royal Government of Bhutan, vide Notification No. MoH/COVID-19/2019-2020/765 dated 23.03.2020, has made it mandatory, with effect from this date, for all persons traveling into Bhutan to undergo facility quarantine. Notwithstanding this requirement, there have been cases of individuals who have defied this notification by surreptitiously entering the country and willfully avoiding the quarantine. Through such reckless and blatant actions, these individuals have not only endangered and posed a serious risk to the lives of their immediate family members but also the local community and society at large.

It is hereby notified that such selfish and irresponsible acts shall be liable for the offence of criminal nuisance as per Section 410; failure to assist lawful authority as per Section 428 and breach of public order and tranquility as per Section 448 of the Penal Code, 2004.

In the light of above, it is imperative for any person, having knowledge of such violations, to immediately report the matter to the Royal Bhutan Police or local government authorities.

Therefore, all are urged to come forward and extend their full support towards realizing the Government’s efforts in effectively combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

C19TF, Phuentsholing
19 July 2020


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